Introducing the Global G-2 8 inch chef knife, a unique piece from the renowned Japanese brand, Global, as part of their Classic G-series collection. This knife, also known as a Gyuto, is designed with a blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern functionality & aesthetics. With its unique hollowed tang, stamped construction, and CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel blade, it’s tailored for those who value precision and a lightweight design. Priced at $159, it’s a worthy investment for both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts who appreciate a modern, unique design, and outstanding sharpness, at the expense of safety.

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The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife is a high-performing tool that excels in sharpness, edge retention, and dexterity. It’s a top pick for those who prioritize cutting performance and a lightweight design. However, its safety features and suitability for heavy-duty tasks are areas where it falls short. Despite these points, it’s an excellent choice for professional cooks and culinary enthusiasts who prefer a modern, unique design.

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Knife Attribute
Knife Length
12.7 inches
32.25 cm
Knife Weight
5.9 ounces
167.26 g
Blade Length
7.8 inches
19.81 cm
Blade Heel Length
1.75 inches
4.45 cm
Handle Length
4.9 inches
12.44 cm


Knife Attribute
Knife Forging Method
Knife Tang Type
Hardness (HRC)
Blade Material
High carbon stainless steel
Blade Steel Grade
Blade Finish
Hand Polished
Blade Geometry Grind
Blade Grind Angle
Blade Bevels
Handle Material



The Global 8 Inch Chef Knife, model G-2, is a Japanese gyuto knife that showcases a unique and modern design. This knife, featuring a hollowed tang and stamped construction, weighs a light 5.9 ounces and measures 12.7 inches in length. The knife is designed without a bolster, instead featuring a straight and exposed choil where the handle narrows down to blend into the blade. The blade and handle are welded together. It’s crafted to be versatile, catering to both right and left-handed users. The knife does not meet the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).


The blade of the Global G2 8 Inch Chef Knife is crafted from CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel. With a Rockwell hardness rating of 57, the blade strikes a decent balance between hardness and toughness. The blade measures 7.8 inches in length, and the spine features a straight shape, with a width of 2 mm. The blade’s cutting edge is a convex grind – a rather unique choice for a chef knife – comes with a double bevel, and set at an angle of 15 degrees. The blade’s tip comes in a drop point shape, and the belly is slightly curved, contributing to its overall functionality and versatility.

In terms of aesthetics, the blade features a silver steel color and is polished to a satin finish, which gives it a sleek and modern look. The blade’s face bears the Global logo, adding a touch of brand recognition to its design – not that it needs it, as the Global knife design is very distinct. In addition, there are very light horizontal lines covering the face of the knife, which add a certain complexity and appeal to its design. The convex grind of the blade creates a distinctive gray line near the edge, adding to its unique aesthetic appeal.


The most polarizing aspect of the Global G2 8 Inch Chef Knife is probably its handle. Constructed from the same steel as the blade, it offers a unified aesthetic. The handle is oval/round in shape and textured, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Uniquely, the handle is hollow and filled with fine sand, which contributes to the knife’s optimal balance. Measuring at 4.9 inches, the handle proportionally complements the length of the blade. 

In terms of aesthetics, the handle matches the blade’s silver color, creating a seamless, modern look. The handle’s design is distinctive, featuring numerous small black dimples. It’s worth noting that the handle does not feature any guards, focusing on a sleek design rather than additional safety features.


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The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife demonstrated an outstanding level of sharpness in our initial testing, slicing through both paper and a soft tomato with ease. This high degree of sharpness is a testament to Global’s emphasis on the sharpening phase during manufacturing. The blade’s material and hardness are positive contributors to the blade’s sharpness. The blade’s edge angle is 15 degrees, which further contributes to its sharpness. These factors, combined with Global’s meticulous sharpening process, contribute to the knife’s exceptional sharpness.


Our testing revealed that the Global G-2 8 inch chef knife maintained outstanding edge retention even after two weeks of regular use. The knife’s performance in the paper and tomato tests remained consistent, indicating that the blade effectively retains its sharpness over time. This impressive edge retention can be attributed to the blade’s material, hardness, lower angle and its thin edge thickness which contribute to its ability to maintain a sharp edge. These factors combined suggest that with regular care, this knife can maintain its cutting edge for a considerable duration.



The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife demonstrated good versatility in our tests, performing reasonably well in a range of cutting techniques. It was outstanding in slicing and carving tasks, and excellent in chopping, dicing, and mincing. However, it was only mediocre in heavy-duty tasks like butchering, cleaving, and breaking down dense and tough ingredients. Its suitability to up-down chopping motion was excellent, and its rocking motion suitability was very good. Given its performance, this knife is best suited for tasks that require precision and delicacy, such as slicing, carving, and detailed prep work, while also being capable of handling some heavier duty tasks, but one should apply more attention and consciousness to its more delicate build.


The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife showed average strength, toughness, and durability in our tests. The knife’s strength can be attributed to its convex grind and balanced hardness rating of 57. However, its light weight of 5.9 ounces, hollowed tang design, and the absence of a bolster, which are typically associated with less durability, were noticeable. Additionally, the welding of the blade and handle could potentially be a weak point. Despite these factors, the knife held up well under pressure, although there were small but visible signs of chipping. It may not be the top choice for heavy-duty tasks or cutting through very hard or dense ingredients.


The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife demonstrated good leverage in our tests. Despite being a stamped knife and relatively light in weight, the knife’s 7.8-inch blade length and sharpness contribute to efficient force transfer during cutting tasks. The straight spine shape requires a more conscious application of force, but this doesn’t significantly detract from its overall performance.


The Global G-2 8 inch chef knife demonstrated outstanding dexterity and very good maneuverability in our tests. Its lighter weight of 5.9 ounces and 7.8-inch blade length contribute to easy handling and precise cuts. The convex grind, lower blade angle of 15 degrees, and thin edge enhance its dexterity, allowing for intricate cutting tasks. The absence of a bolster and the hollowed tang design further contribute to the knife’s maneuverability and precision. These attributes make the knife particularly suitable for delicate work.


The Global G2 8 inch chef knife demonstrated a slight level of flexibility, which was more apparent towards the point of the blade. The blade becomes very rigid the closer you get to the heel of the blade.


The Global G2 8 inch chef knife provides a satisfactory user experience, with its balance and fatigue reduction being the standout features. The knife’s dimensions are well-proportioned to accommodate various hand sizes, and it excels in minimizing hand and wrist fatigue during extended use. The grip stability is good, but the knife lacks ergonomic features such as finger and handle guards or curves, which could enhance the grip experience. Additionally, the steel handle can become slippery when wet, which could potentially affect grip stability. Despite these minor drawbacks, the knife’s overall feel and experience are commendable.


Our testers reported that the Global G-2 offers a good level of comfort and ergonomics. The handle length is adaptable to a range of hand sizes, contributing to its overall comfort. However, the steel handle, despite its distinctive and contemporary design, might not be the most comfortable for extended periods of use. While the grip is satisfactory, it could benefit from additional ergonomic features such as finger and handle guards or curves for a more customized fit.


Our testers found the Global G-2 to offer good grip stability and control. The oval shape and textured design of the steel handle provide a secure grip. Despite the absence of a bolster and the hollowed tang design, the knife’s light weight and balanced proportions contribute to overall control during use. It’s worth noting, though, that the steel handle can become slippery when wet, potentially affecting grip stability during prolonged use.


The Global G2 8 inch chef knife was tested for balance using three different grip styles: the pinch grip, the handshake/thumb grip, and the fingertip grip. The knife scored very good in the pinch grip and fingertip grip balance tests, and excellent in the handshake/thumb grip balance test. The balance point was handle-heavy in the pinch grip and fingertip grip, and centered in the handshake/thumb grip. Despite its hollowed tang and lack of bolster, the knife’s balance is commendable, contributing to stability and control during cutting tasks. This balance distribution makes the knife particularly well-suited for tasks such as slicing or chopping.


The Global G2 8 inch chef knife excels in minimizing hand and wrist fatigue during extended use. The knife’s stamped construction and light weight of 5.9 ounces contribute significantly to its ease of use over prolonged periods. The 7.8-inch blade length is well-balanced, further aiding in fatigue reduction.


The knife offers a balanced maintenance profile. Its CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel blade provides very good corrosion and rust resistance, although mild discoloration was noted. The knife’s strength and durability are average, with some reports suggesting sensitivity due to the welded blade and handle. It resists wear and tear well, and its outstanding edge retention reduces sharpening frequency. However, its unconventional convex grind edge may require expertise when sharpening. Regular care can ensure the knife’s longevity and performance.


Based on our saltwater spray tests, the knife’s corrosion and rust resistance was rated as very good. The CROMOVA-18 high carbon stainless steel blade, known for its inherent resistance to rust, coupled with a polished finish, contributes to this performance. However, some mild discoloration was observed on the second day of testing, indicating that while the knife has some resistance properties, they may not be as effective under prolonged exposure to corrosive elements. Regular maintenance and proper care are therefore essential to prevent rust and corrosion and keep the knife in optimal condition.


The knife’s strength, toughness, and durability are average, which requires some attention in terms of maintenance. The medium-strength hardness of the steel and the convex edge grind contribute to its toughness. The knife’s light weight, hollowed tang design, the absence of a bolster and the fact that the blade and handle were welded together, may require more attention. Despite these factors, the knife has shown resilience under normal use, but it’s worth noting that it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty tasks.


The knife’s resistance to wear, tear, and scratches was found to be very good in our tests. The blade, made of CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel, with a hardness rating of 57, is known for its decent resistance to wear and tear. The polished finish, while not as resistant to scratches as other finishes, still offers a reasonable level of resistance.


The knife’s outstanding edge retention, as demonstrated in our tests, contributes to its low-maintenance appeal. The blade’s 15-degree edge angle and mid range hardness, ensure the knife maintains its sharpness even after two weeks of inattentive usage. This reduces the need for frequent sharpening, making the knife a practical choice for those who’d rather spend as little time as possible sharpening their knives. However, it’s worth noting that while the knife retains its edge well, it may require professional sharpening when it does become dull due to the hardness of the blade (see edge restoration).


The knife’s edge restoration was rated as good by our testers. The high carbon stainless steel blade, despite its hardness, was relatively easy to sharpen. The absence of a bolster at the heel is a plus, simplifying the sharpening process. However, the knife’s convex grind edge is unconventional and requires some expertise for optimal sharpening. The hardness of the blade strikes a good balance, making it neither too hard nor too soft for sharpening. Overall, the knife’s edge restoration is manageable with some practice and knowledge.


Our testers identified several safety concerns with the Global G2 8 Inch Chef Knife. The absence of a finger guard, handle guard, and bolster, which could have improved its safety by providing better-defined boundaries and increased grip, were noted. The handle’s round shape and the blade’s pointy choil point shape, along with the straight choil shape positioned closer to the finger, were also flagged as potential safety issues. During testing, our testers experienced several instances of the blade skewing during cuts, which we believe can be mostly attributed to its convex grind edge design, leading to accidental nicks. 

On the positive side, the textured steel handle provided good control, and the knife’s lighter weight helped prevent hand fatigue and loss of control. However, given the safety concerns, caution should be exercised when using this knife.


The Global G2 8 Inch Chef Knife, priced at $159, offers several features that contribute to its value. The knife’s high carbon stainless steel CROMOVA 18, known for its balance between durability and ease of maintenance, is used throughout the knife, and adds to its worth. The blade’s polished finish is done by hand, and requires more labor and craftsmanship, further enhancing its value. Additionally, the sharpening process involves several steps, indicating a high level of craftsmanship, especially due to the expertise required when sharpening convex grind edges.