Introducing the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife, model DM0706, from the esteemed brand Shun Cutlery. Crafted in Japan, this chef knife is part of their Classic collection, combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern functionality. With its unique VG-MAX high carbon stainless steel blade and Pakkawood handle, it’s tailored for those who value precision and durability in their culinary tasks. Priced at $170 on Amazon and $213 on the Kai USA store, it’s a worthy investment for both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts who appreciate traditional aesthetics.

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Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife to be a premium tool that excels in sharpness and edge retention. It’s a top pick for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics and require a knife that maintains its edge for extended periods. The knife’s balance and ease of sharpening make it a pleasure to use. 
However, its mediocre corrosion resistance, unremarkable wear and tear resistance, and relatively large handle size, which may not fit smaller hands comfortably, are worth noting. Despite these points, our testers believe it’s a great addition to any knife collection, but may not be the first choice for an all-rounder knife.

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Knife Attribute
Knife Length
13 inches
33.02 cm
Knife Weight
7.1 ounces
201.28 g
Blade Length
8.2 inches
20.82 cm
Blade Heel Length
1.85 inches
4.69 cm
Handle Length
4.8 inches
12.19 cm


Knife Attribute
Knife Forging Method
Knife Tang Type
Full Tang
Hardness (HRC)
Blade Material
High carbon stainless steel
Blade Steel Grade
Blade Finish
Hand Polished
Blade Geometry Grind
Blade Grind Angle
Blade Bevels
Handle Material



The Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife, model DM0706, is a Japanese western chef knife that beautifully marries traditional and contemporary design elements. This full tang knife, forged using a stamped method, weighs a comfortable 7.1 ounces and measures 13 inches in length. The knife features a short (half) bolster, contributing to its balanced feel. While the classic D-shaped handle may still be suitable for some left-handed users, it is worth noting that there is a specific model – DM0706L, with a reversed D-shape for a more comfortable grip for left-handers. The knife also meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), making it suitable for professional kitchen use.


The blade of the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife is crafted from Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX high carbon stainless steel. With a Rockwell hardness rating of 60 (61+- 1), the blade strikes an excellent balance between hardness and toughness. The blade measures 8.2 inches in length, and 1.85 inches at the heel in terms of width, making it a relatively wide blade. The blade’s spine features a slightly curved shape, with a width of 2.5 mm at the heel. The blade’s cutting edge is a double-beveled flat grind, and set at an angle of 16 degrees. The blade’s tip comes in a drop point shape, and the belly is curved, contributing to its overall functionality and versatility.

In terms of aesthetics, the blade features a silver steel color, and the ripple Damascus finish, achieved by forging 34 layers of steel on each side, gives it a sophisticated and unique look, further enhanced by a satin polish. The blade bears the Shun logo on both sides of the blade, adding a touch of brand recognition to its design.


The handle of the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife is made from Pakkawood, a composite material known for its durability and resistance to moisture. The handle’s D-shape provides a comfortable grip, and while it may not suit all left-handed users, a specific model with a reversed D-shape, model DM0706L, is also available. Measuring at 4.8 inches, the handle proportionally complements the length of the blade.

In terms of aesthetics, the handle features a dark wood color, offering a classic contrast to the silver blade. An alternative model, DM0706W, from the Classic Blonde series, offers a blonde handle color. The handle does not have a logo or rivets, nor does it feature a butt or finger guards, focusing on a sleek design rather than additional safety features, maintaining a minimalist and traditional Japanese look.


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In terms of overall cutting performance, the Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife truly stands out. Our testers were particularly impressed by its initial sharpness and its ability to maintain this sharpness over two weeks of daily usage. This performance is probably attributed to its high-carbon stainless steel and hardness, its 16-degree edge angle, and flat edge grind. Overall, the knife’s build quality and cutting performance exceeded our expectations.


Our testers found the knife to be exceptionally sharp right out of the box, acing both the paper and tomato tests. The main contributors to the knife’s sharpness are the blade’s hardness, its cutting edge flat grind and 16 degrees grind angle.


Our testers found that the knife maintained outstanding edge retention even after two weeks of daily use. As with its cutting performance, the blade’s hardness likely contributes to this impressive edge retention. The blade’s edge angle of 16 degrees, also plays a role in its ability to retain its sharpness over time.



The Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife showed a good level of versatility in our tests, performing well in a variety of cutting techniques. It was outstanding in chopping, dicing, and mincing tasks, and excellent in slicing and carving. Its performance in butchering, cleaving, and breaking down dense and tough ingredients was good but we feel the need of indicating a potential limitation in its toughness. Its fit for up-down chopping motion was very good, and its rocking motion was outstanding. As for more delicate tasks, while the knife’s sharpness and dexterity deliver on execution, its size and reduced flexibility might limit its versatility in handling more intricate tasks. Despite these limitations, the knife still offers good precision and is capable of handling a range of tasks.


Our testers found the knife to demonstrate relatively good strength, toughness, and durability during our testing. Despite its high hardness, which typically reduces toughness, the knife held up well under pressure. This resilience can be attributed to its full tang design and half bolster, which provide additional strength. The knife’s weight of 7.1 ounces, its flat grind and balanced blade angle of 16 degrees, also contribute to its strength. However, it’s worth noting that while the knife performed well in general, it may not be the top choice for heavy-duty tasks or cutting through very hard or dense ingredients, for fear of chipping.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife to have very good leverage during our tests. Despite its stamped construction, its middle weight of 7.1 ounces contributes to efficient force transfer during cutting tasks without being too heavy. The 8.2-inch blade length and sharpness, along with the slightly curved spine shape, aid in utilizing leverage from a rocking motion. The knife performed well across various techniques and chopping motions, indicating its robustness and suitability for a range of kitchen tasks.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife to demonstrate excellent dexterity and good maneuverability. Its weight of 7.1 ounces is in a sweet spot, contributing to easy handling without compromising control. The flat grind and balanced blade angle of 16 degrees enhance its dexterity, allowing for intricate cutting tasks. The partial bolster aids in the knife’s maneuverability and precision. However, the overall size of the knife, along with the blade’s width at the heel and its hardness, might slightly hinder its maneuverability during changes in cutting directions.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife to be more on the rigid side – a result of its high hardness – which is suitable for heavy-duty tasks like chopping through dense vegetables. However, its flexibility was found to be mediocre, so it may not be the best choice for more delicate tasks like peeling and filleting. Despite this, the knife’s rigidity did not compromise its overall performance, demonstrating its versatility across a range of kitchen tasks.


Our testers concluded that the Shun Classic 8 inch Chef Knife offers an excellent feel and experience. The D-shaped Pakkawood handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the partial bolster enhances control. The knife’s balance is very good, varying with different grip styles, and contributes to precision and stability. Despite its longer length, the knife is relatively light and easy to handle, minimizing fatigue during extended use. However, due to its larger handle, it may be more suitable for users with larger hands. Ultimately, we believe this knife is likely to meet most users’ expectations for a comfortable and controlled cutting experience.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 inch chef knife to be good in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The handle, made of Pakkawood, is D-shaped and smooth, providing a comfortable grip that is designed to better fit the hand of its user. However, the handle’s size might be a bit large for some users, potentially reducing comfort for those with smaller hands. While some might prefer a more ergonomic handle, the D-shape is a solid choice for a Japanese styled knife.


Our testers found the knife to demonstrate very good grip stability and control in our tests. The D-shaped Pakkawood handle, combined with the half bolster, provides a secure and stable grip, preventing slippage or unintended rotation during use. The handle’s smooth texture and the knife’s balanced weight further contribute to its grip stability and control. However, the handle’s size might be a bit large for some users, potentially affecting grip stability for those with smaller hands.


Our testers found the knife to demonstrate excellent balance in our tests. It scored very good in the pinch grip and fingertip grip balance tests, and outstanding in the handshake/thumb grip balance test. The balance point was handle-heavy in the pinch grip, centered in the handshake/thumb grip, and blade-heavy in the fingertip grip. This suggests that the knife is particularly well-suited for tasks requiring a handshake/thumb grip, such as slicing or chopping, where the centered balance provides optimal control and stability. Though stamped, the knife’s partial bolster and full tang design contribute to this well-distributed weight between the blade and handle.


Our testers found the knife to be excellent in minimizing hand and wrist fatigue during extended use. The knife is a mid-weight at 7.1 ounces, which contributes to its ease of use over extended periods, reducing the potential for fatigue. However, the knife’s overall length, which is on the longer side, could potentially contribute to greater fatigue over time. Despite this, the presence of a partial bolster strikes a good balance between weight and balance, further reducing the potential for fatigue. This makes the knife suitable for prolonged use without causing undue strain on the user’s hand and wrist.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife to perform very well overall in terms of maintenance. The knife excelled in edge retention, maintaining its sharpness even after two weeks of usage, which significantly reduces the need for frequent sharpening. The process of edge restoration was rated as excellent, with the double bevel design and 16-degree blade angle making the sharpening process straightforward and easy. The knife’s strength, toughness, and durability were also commendable, although it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty tasks. 
However, the knife showed mediocre resistance to corrosion and rust, and its resistance to wear, tear, and scratches was found to be unremarkable. Keep it dry, and use it with care.


The Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife, despite its VG-MAX high carbon stainless steel blade and polished finish, demonstrated mediocre resistance to corrosion and rust in our saltwater spray tests. This suggests that while the knife has inherent resistance properties due to its material and finish, they may not be as effective as expected under prolonged exposure to corrosive elements. Regular maintenance and proper care are therefore essential to prevent rust and corrosion and keep the knife in optimal condition.


Our testers found the knife’s resistance to wear, tear, and scratches to be unremarkable. Despite its high carbon stainless steel blade, known for its decent resistance to wear and tear, and a polished finish, the knife showed signs of wear over time. The blade’s Rockwell hardness rating of 60, while contributing to its overall durability, was not enough to prevent noticeable wear and tear. 


Our testers found that the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife demonstrated outstanding edge retention, which simplifies its maintenance. The lower blade angle, high Rockwell hardness rating, and the use of high carbon stainless steel, ensure the knife stays sharp even after two weeks of usage. This reduces the need for frequent sharpening, making the knife a practical choice for those seeking a low-maintenance kitchen tool.


Our testers found that the knife demonstrated good strength, toughness, and durability. The full tang design and high carbon stainless steel material enhance its toughness. Despite its lower blade angle and high hardness rating, the knife maintains its structural integrity well. However, it’s worth noting that while it can handle most tasks, it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty work or cutting through particularly hard and dense ingredients.


Our testers found the Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife to be excellent in terms of edge restoration. The knife’s VG-Max high carbon stainless steel material, despite being harder than regular stainless steel, was sharpened with relative ease. The double bevel design and 16-degree blade angle require little to no expertise for optimal sharpening. The process was straightforward and contributed to the knife’s overall low-maintenance appeal.


Our testers found the knife’s safety to be very good. The knife’s half bolster provides a valuable buffer between the hand and the blade and plenty of space, enhancing safety. The relatively wide blade’s heel and its rounded choil shape offer more surface area for the index finger to rest on and increase knuckle clearance, reducing the likelihood of accidental contact with the cutting edge. The D-shaped pakkawood handle ensures a good grip and comfortable hold. The knife’s balanced weight helps prevent hand fatigue and loss of control.

However, the knife does have a few areas where safety could be improved. The absence of a finger guard and handle guard could have further improved its safety by providing better-defined boundaries and increased grip. Despite these areas for improvement, our testers concluded that the knife’s safety features contribute to a secure and comfortable cutting experience.


The Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife, priced at $213 on the manufacturer’s website and $170 on Amazon, offers several high-value features that partially justify its higher price tag. The knife’s VG-MAX blade is known for its excellent edge retention and hardness. The full tang design, typically found in higher quality knives, and the blade’s polished finish and distal taper, which require more labor and craftsmanship, further enhance its worth. The knife’s handle is made of Pakkawood, a durable and aesthetically pleasing material, and the handle is hand polished. The blade is also composed of 68 layers, a feature that adds to its value and uniqueness.

However, the knife’s stamped construction, which is less labor-intensive and generally considered lower quality than forged knives, could detract from its overall value. It’s unusual to see a stamped knife at this price point. Despite this, the knife’s excellent performance in our tests and its overall high-quality build make it a worthwhile investment for those willing to overlook its stamped construction.