Human beings are an odd bunch – there’s nary a corner of our lives that hasn’t been touched by some form of superstition. Gift-giving is one area in particular that harbors several peculiar beliefs. 

Many people believe that giving an odd number of flowers can be unlucky. The Victorians even developed their own flower-giving language that could lead to any number of awkward misunderstandings.

To others, giving a handkerchief as a gift is a terrible idea; it signifies tears are in their future! This is especially true in Sweden where giving a handkerchief to your partner could spell disaster. So, the question remains, why give a penny with a knife? We explore the answer below. 

Is it Bad Luck to Give a Kitchen Knife as a Gift? 

Well, that depends on what you believe! In general, however, the superstition goes like this – when you give someone a knife as a gift, you’re tempting fate to ‘cut’ your relationship in two. As you can imagine, most people would rather avoid cutting their loved ones out! 

What Should You Do When Giving a Kitchen Knife as a Gift? 

Is there a solution to this relationship-cutting conundrum? Yes! Simply give the knife along with a penny and your loved one can ‘buy’ it from you by returning the coin. This means that it was never even a ‘gift’ in the first place and your relationship is safe.

Where Does This Superstition Come From?

The exact origin of this superstition is unknown. As it’s prevalent around the world, however, it’s likely to have emerged from local folklore and tradition. Knives are traditionally considered a symbol of power in cultures around the world. 

It may be that by relinquishing this powerful symbol and giving it to another, we’re tempting the universe to punish us for our recklessness! 

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Why Give a Penny With a Knife? Our Conclusion 

Whether you’re a superstitious person or not, it might be worth taping a penny to any knives you give as gifts in the future! 

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