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United States

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Germany, Japan

Mercer’s Knives Collections

Mercer Culinary offers ten major knife collections, each comes with its own price tag, varying quality, and properties that benefit various types of cooks.

The following section divides Mercer Culinary’s knife collections into three tier levels, beginning with their premium tier and progressing to their low-end collections.


Mercer Culinary’s Tier 1 Knife Collection

Mercer’s Tier 1 knife collection is aimed at more professional users – whether professional or home cooks looking for high-quality knives at a reasonable price.
All knives in this tier are extremely sharp and tough, with an HRC rating of at least 60.

The Mercer Culinary MX3 Knife Collection

The MX3 knife collection is Mercer Culinary’s high-end knife collection.

Its high performance is accomplished by the three layered VG-10 Super Stainless Steel core and an HRC value of 60-62, resulting in a robust knife that keeps its edge for longer. The collection offers a limited number of five different styles of chef knives overall, at different size offerings.

Sets are not available for this collections.

Individual Knives: 60$ – 240$ (Amazon), 60$-160$ (Webstaurant)

Price Range

60$ - 240$


Limited Lifetime (25 Years)

Best Fit For

Professional Cooks


“Cutlery for the performance obsessed”

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Mercer Culinary’s Tier 2 Knife Collection

Mercer’s Tier 2 knife collection is aimed at home cooks and cooking enthusiasts who do not have a large budget for more expensive knives. The knives in this tier level are modest in comparison to the premium options, especially in terms of HRC rating and materials, but they perform admirably when compared to their asking price, and ever compared to other knives in the market for the same price. The build quality will not disappoint the vast majority of cooks, who will find all of the collections in this tier to be excellent value for money.

The Mercer Culinary ZüM Knife Collection

The Mercer ZüM collection is a high-end knife collection that is likely the highest quality option in Mercer Culinary’s tier 2 knife selections.

ZüM knives are one-piece precision-forged knives made of premium high-carbon German steel.

The Delrin handle and shortened bolster provide superior balance and an ergonomic grip.

Sets are available (Glass Block, Wood Block).

Individual Knives: 50$ – 90$ (Amazon); 20$-50$ (Webstaurant).

Sets: 175$-230$ (Amazon); 150$-325$ (Webstaurant).

Price Range



Limited Lifetime (25 Years)

Best Fit For

Professional Cooks, Home Cooks

“Sleek elegance. Unbelievable Performance”

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Mercer Culinary’s Tier 3 Knife Collection

The Tier 3 knife collection from Mercer is made to fit commercial kitchens or novice home cooks who might not need higher-quality knives, or care to deal with proper knife maintenance. The knives in this tier level are very modest in the price range.

The knives in these collections offer many properties that may be suited for commercial kitchens. The knives are stamped rather than forged, designed to provide a lighter knife frame that might lessen fatigue from long working hours. Additionally, they provide thinner blades, which are better for accurate slicing. There are also more significant color variations that are offered by some of the collections in this tier. This is great for commercial kitchens that want to color-code their products. The blades are also very easy to sharpen, though they will not remain sharp for long.

The Mercer Culinary Millenia Knife Collection

The Mercer Millenia collection is Mercer Culinary’s largest knife collection. It offers 3 sub-collections: Millenia, Millenia White(“A knife that looks as good as it performs”), and Millenia Colors( “Color-coded handles for dedicated use applications to assist in better food safety handling practices. Perfect component of a HACCP system.”). It is a collection of low-priced kitchen knives with a wide array of available colors. The Millenia Colors collection is better suited for commercial kitchens. Though quality is not as impressive as other collections offered by Mercer Culinary, it provides a great solution for fast-paced kitchens. Color coding offers the use of knives for dedicated uses (different colors for different materials), for better food safety. Their stamped build

Sets are available (Knife Roll Set).

Individual Knives: 3$ – 44$ for individual knives (Amazon); 4$-40$ (Webstaurant)

Sets: 55$-143$ (Amazon); 36$-125$ (Webstaurant)

Knives Colors: Black, White, Gray, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Beige.

Price Range



Limited Lifetime (25 Years)

Best Fit For

Commercial Kitchens, Novice home cooks

The Mercer Culinary Millenia Knife Collection

“Innovative features and unparalleled performance to meet the demands of today’s professional chefs”

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